A selection of short videos of our ponies

The latest videos are at the top, please scroll down for older videos

Shetland Colts playing together October 2014

Foldhouse Shiloh Sept 2014

Cornerways Idolise July 2014

Shetland Foals July 2014

25th June 2014
Waking up

21st June 2014

18th June 2013
The last foal of the year is born

15th June 2013
3 of the foals decided to have a play in the dried up pond

25th May 2013
2 videos of the latest 2 foals with their mums

24th May 2013
Two of the foals playing

19th May 2013
We moved the main herd onto their summer grazing, they then had a mad half hour galloping about

 19th May 2013
The same colt as below trying to get his mum up so he could have a drink, she was not impressed and he didn't manage to get her up, so ended up having to wait.

17th May 2013
4 day old Colt Foal playing just as it was going dark
(quality of the video is not brilliant due to the light fading)


14th May 2013
Cornerways Dancer giving birth to her Filly foal

14th October 2011
We put the lads back together for the winter, always a tense moment in case they fight, but they were fine, it helps as they have grown up together.

7thMay 2011
Cornerways Foxtrot at 3 weeks old, it was a very windy day and she was dancing about

26th June 2010
We had let the cows in the next field and the foals had not been that close to them before so they were all having a run about, the main 2 foals in this video are Eclipse and Elmo

26th June 2010
Cornerways Excalibur (Cal): the same as above, the first time they have seen cows so close, this video is mainly of Cal.

8th June 2010
Little Elmo was fast asleep and dreaming just like dogs do with his little hooves going as though he was dreaming of running. He is just 4 weeks old in this video, the foal he was with after he woke up is Eclipse then off he went to find his mum

25th May 2010
Our fourth and final foal arrived safe and sound.
Here he is just 9 hours old and already having a good run around

6th May 2010
Our first foal for 2010 arrived last night, a lovely black filly.
After spending the night inside due to rain they were turned out to let her find her feet.

31st October 2009
We turned the Max out with Shiloh and Pablo onto their winter grazing, happily they all said hello nicely and made friends

18th April 2009
Here is our first foal of 2009 a filly we have called her Daydream
she is just 1 day old in the video

22nd October 2008
We moved the mares and foals away from the houses ready for the
dreaded bonfire night so that no one can let fireworks off right next to them!
High spirits and being in a different field, Its Playtime!!!!!

Video of Chilli Pepper when she was only 1 day old and also
when she was 6 days old